Koh Lanta Beaches Guide: North to South

Boats arrive at the northern-most point of the island from where you’ll need to decide which of the many sunset-facing Koh Lanta beaches to stay on. Generally speaking, the beaches are busier with more going on in the north and become quieter, more secluded, laid back and beautiful the further south you go.

Best Koh Lanta beaches to stay on

Klong Dao Beach

The beach here is 2km long and stretches up to a small headland and peninsula in the north where snorkeling is possible. The sandy bay is good for swimming and as a result Klong Dao is seen as a good choice beach for families. Another advantage is its close proximity to the port town of Ban Sala Dan, which makes getting to and from the beach quick, easy and affordable. This means it’s busy though and there are a wide range of accommodation options to choose from.. [read more]

Phra-Ae Beach (Long Beach)

Another beach that’s good for swimming, Phra-Ae is the most popular of Lanta’s long stretches of soft sand. At over 4km long it’s perfect for wandering slowly up and down or gazing out across as the sun sets into the ocean.. breathtaking views await those who take to their hammocks! The main road behind the beach has ATMs plus a selection of bars, restaurants, minimarts and tour shops. There are lots of accommodation options here, with budget places available off the streets on the northern end of the beach.. [read more]

Klong Khong Beach

Klong Khong’s rocks are exposed at low tide so it’s not suitable for swimming at that time. They provide visual interest for snorkelers though, so if that’s your thing then this could be the beach for you when the tide is in. Travellers and backpackers love it here and are catered for with rustic and characterful bungalows, as well as the odd fire show and moon party of an evening. The sand stretches on for over 2km so it’s another really long bay to base yourself on. At just 25 minutes away, it’s also fairly close to the main port.

Klong Nin Beach

The first beach on the lower half of Lanta is Klong Nin, which is backed by a pocket of bungalows and restaurants that give it a sense of community. At 2.5km long its’ sweeping sands are characteristic of the island in general. It’s good for swimming and there’s reasonably priced accommodation, especially around the northern part of the beach. Why not kick of your flip-flops and hit the chilled out beach bars that face the ocean?!

Kantiang Bay

Touted as one of Asia’s best beaches, Kantiang Bay is an idyllic sight to behold. It’s curvature gives it a more secluded feel than other beaches on the island but its most aesthetic feature is that it’s backed by a rise of jungle-clad, mountainous greenery that beautifully offsets its powdery sand and crystal-clear waters. It’s a fantastic hideaway but don’t despair.. there’s a little village with minimarts, restaurants and bike hire.

Klong Jark Beach

Deep down south you’ll find Klong Jark beach, a dreamy hideaway of a bay that has a real desert island feel to it. The road here is not as good as on the rest of the island so bear that in mind when thinking about how you’ll get here. Lay back in your hammock and swing gently in time with the lapping waves.. you’ll soon get into the rhythm of the place and will never want to leave. If you fancy a stroll, you can walk to Klong Jark’s nearby waterfall which is inland from the beach.

Mai Pai Bay (Bamboo Bay)

The road to Bamboo Bay is rougher still, as its location is approaching the very southern tip of the island. It’s super laid back here as you’re so far away from the more mainstream beaches.. less people, less noise. Solitude seekers love it but it’s not the best beach for swimming as the rocks are exposed at low tide. Snorkeling is good when the tide’s in though.. and when it’s not you can visit nearby Klong Jark if you’d like to swim. At the most southerly point of the island you’ll experience feelings of true wilderness and serenity.

Hopefully this Koh Lanta beaches guide has helped to give you an idea of what to expect on your trip. Remember that all of the above beaches are on the west coast of the island and as such face out towards the sunset. That’s a real bonus at the end of the day when it’s time to hit the hammock!