Skip Patong Beach and Head to Siam Bay Instead

It’s an easy mistake for a holiday-maker to make but having put in the air or land miles to get to Thailand you don’t want to go and ruin things by spending all (or any!) of your time on Patong beach! The picture (flickr) on the left above is Patong beach at its quietest and just for good measure there’s another one below from the middle of the day that is a closer resemblance to normality.


Crowded Patong beach, Phuket flickr/coolinsights

If you had booked in here for a couple of weeks you might start wondering if you’d been sold a ticket to Benidorm by mistake!

If you’re into tourism and consumerism in a big way then you’ll probably feel like you’re in heaven there but there is plenty of paradise to be had nearby if you can be bothered to take a short boat journey.

Back to the picture at the top of the post.. the right hand image this time. It was taken during my last visit to Koh Racha whilst indulging in some relaxation time on the idyllic Siam Bay. Not another person in sight and accessible in under an hour from Phuket by speedboat transfer! Of course, other people do go there but they are few and far between compared to the madness of Patong.


Calm, Siam Bay on Koh Racha

Here’s another picture from Siam Bay. It’s of the only beachfront resort and restaurant that existed when I was last there in 2011. The food was amazing and the views of the bay and ocean beyond were spectacular, especially at sunset when the skies on the horizon turned a glowing mixture of orange and pink.

But it’s not just Koh Racha’s Siam Bay that is within easy reach from Phuket. You’ll also find some cracking, less crowded beaches on Koh Yao and Koh Phi Phi which are also accessible fairly quickly by boat so there’s no excuse not to go.

Bearing this in mind, my advice would be to head to the nearest pier in Phuket and get out to one of these other places as the memories you’ll be left with after visiting a ‘Koh‘ will probably be nicer than those of the busy, mass-developed Patong.

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